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Today’s cars often have a small plastic button, roughly the size of a finger, located in the middle of the seat belt. However, many people are unaware of its functionality. We would like to educate you about the fascinating purposes of this small feature.

Round plastic button on seat belt

Car seat belts are equipped with a pair of interconnected latches. One latch is built into the seat belt itself, while the other latch is typically fastened to the side of the seat.

This small circular plastic button serves as the button responsible for securing the safety latch in place on the belt. It allows the user to easily reach and grasp the locking latch, which can then be connected to the additional latch found on the side of the chair.

On the seat belt, this round plastic button serves to hold the buckle

The round plastic button on the seat belt is designed to secure the buckle in place. Without this integrated plastic button on the belt, when the user pulls the latch to tighten the seat belt, the latch would slide down lower, making it challenging to grab and hold onto.

A car is a fast-moving vehicle, and the passengers inside it will also move accordingly. If there is an accident or sudden collision, the car will come to a stop either by braking or colliding with an obstacle. During this time, the person in the car will be propelled forward by a dangerously strong inertial force.

The seat belt serves the crucial function of securing the individual seated in the car, preventing them from being propelled forward or ejected from the vehicle. Consequently, it plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of those inside the car during driving, particularly in traffic. However, it has become increasingly common for individuals to neglect wearing a seat belt while seated in a car.