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The concept of creating a bicycle that could move through hopping was brainstormed by two American cyclists, Scotty Cranmer and Vinny Mannino.

Cranmer and Mannino devised an exceptional vehicle by merging stilts and a bicycle, resulting in a wheelless frame. Finally, their creation possesses the ability to bounce repeatedly like a spring.

Cranmer and Mannino teamed up with an engineer to develop the new car. They repurposed a BMX bike by removing the wheels and keeping the frame. Then, they installed a steel tube fork at the front of the car and connected a connecting plate to a spring, allowing the car to bounce persistently, akin to a driver standing on a springboard.

The connecting rods were welded to the chassis at the back, and the spring system was connected to the rear axle. This arrangement enables the bike to generate downward force specifically aimed at pushing the rider up, without any force exerted in other directions.

Cranmer and Mannino made another modification to the bike by substituting the bike chain with two sturdy footrests made of steel. This alteration allows the user to maneuver the vehicle by utilizing leg and thigh strength, in addition to the coupling system.

During the initial test, the hopscotch bike perfectly achieved the riders’ objectives by propelling itself high into the air and gracefully returning to the ground, while maintaining a continuous rebounding motion. The two riders proclaimed that this extraordinary vehicle has the potential to captivate individuals seeking novel sensations and a means to engage in physical activity.