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Following the success of his homemade square wheel bicycle model, Ukrainian engineer Sergii Gordieiev embarked on a new project wherein he designed a bicycle with unconventional triangular wheels that could still maintain regular functionality and run smoothly.

Triangle wheel bicycle

Similar to a conventional bicycle with round wheels, a triangle wheel bicycle requires the rider to pedal and maintain balance in order to move.

The engineer posted a video on YouTube showcasing the manufacturing process. Initially, riding the triangular wheel bicycle appeared to be an impossible feat. However, the engineer believed that these types of bicycles would offer a new and intriguing riding experience.

Sergii utilizes a suspension system specifically engineered to deliver optimal comfort for riders. This enables the wheels, despite their unique shapes, to maintain a smooth performance akin to that of traditional cars.

The triangle-shaped wheel of this bike showcases intricately crafted curves, which, when paired with articulated arms featuring integrated limiters, allow for a smooth and stable riding experience with minimal vertical motion.

The wheels are equipped with extra arms and rollers that enable their centers to move in a straight line. This unique design ensures that each roller stays parallel to the flat ground.

Sergii has successfully overcome the shape limitations of triangular wheels, allowing them to roll effectively. As a result, this model of a bike with triangle wheels is well-suited for riding on uneven terrain.