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Regular motorbike maintenance is an extremely important step to detect and promptly repair vehicle damage, helping the vehicle operate more smoothly, more durable and ensure safety.

So what does the motorbike maintenance process include?

The rib cage part: Check rims and spokes; Lubricate moving parts, lubricate throttle and throttle cable; Maintain front/rear shock absorbers, front brakes, cables.

Engine part: Clean the air filter, maintain the carburetor, adjust the fuel mode, clean the spark plugs, adjust the clutch, check and change the engine oil, align the valve, add battery water.

For electronic fuel injection vehicles: Check and clean nozzles, check sensor operation, check/replace fuel pump filter (if necessary), and details in the fuel subsystem.

Power transmission system: Check the starter lever, tighten all screws on the chassis system, lubricate the rear axle, maintain the load sprocket, maintain the rear brake, and footrest.

Motorcycle parts need regular maintenance

Change oil – 2,000-3,000k/time

Change motorbike oil

After a period of operation, the lubricant in the car becomes of poor quality, causing its lubricating ability to decrease. Therefore, after the car has run about 2,000 – 3,000km you should change the oil once. After being flooded, the motorbike should also have its oil changed to ensure best performance.

Change brake fluid and brake pads – every 15,000 – 20,000km

Worn brake pads not only cause unsafety when the vehicle is in operation, but also wear out the brake disc, causing warping and loss of grip even when replacing new brake pads.

Exhausted or dirty brake fluid will reduce braking effectiveness or cause hard, jerky brakes. To ensure safety when driving, you should check/change brake fluid and brake pads every 15,000 – 20,000km.

Air filter – 10,000km/time

The air filter helps filter dust and dirt, bringing clean air into the fuel compartment before combustion. A dirty air filter will cause the injected fuel to not burn completely, waste fuel, make the motorbike run weak and spew black smoke. Therefore, change the air filter periodically to help your car operate more durably.

Spark plug – 10,000km/time

Replace motorcycle spark plugs

This is the ignition part that burns fuel and generates power for the vehicle, so maintenance and replacement of spark plugs is very necessary. After the vehicle travels about 10,000km, the spark plug tip will wear out, causing uneven ignition, engine shortness of breath, and fuel consumption. Therefore, you should periodically check and replace spark plugs to keep your car running at its best.

Engine oil – Engine oil should be changed once every 3 times

If the gearbox oil or engine oil on a scooter is dry or contaminated, it will cause loud noise, reduce the efficiency of the transmission system, and can even cause the engine to break and lose transmission if the condition is more severe.

Belt – check every 8,000km, replace every 15,000 – 20,000km/time

The belt is the main transmission part of the vehicle, subject to great friction and tension, and is often exposed to high temperatures and dust, so it can easily wear out, causing the vehicle to sluggish and overheat. In more severe cases, the belt may break, causing loss of transmission.

Belts need to be checked regularly and if there are signs of breakage, they should be replaced immediately.

Coolant – check every 5,000km/time, refill every 10,000km/time

If the coolant on a scooter is lost too much or is depleted, it will cause the vehicle to overheat and in serious cases, the engine block may burst. Therefore, you should check the coolant periodically, especially after long trips and steep passes.

Motorcycle maintenance price list

Users should choose reputable and professional centers and genuine dealers to periodically maintain their motorbikes, helping them operate more durably and strongly.

Below is the price list for maintenance of manual cars and scooters, please refer to it.

Motorcycle maintenance price list

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