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Usually we still think that all 2-wheeled (or 3-wheeled) vehicles are motorbikes. Motorcycles and mopeds are one and the same, and vehicles with large displacement are motorbikes.

But the truth is that most of the scooters, manual cars or manual cars that we still ride and see on the road every day are collectively called motorbikes, and in law are called motorbikes.

Sections 4.30 and 4.31, Article 4 of National Technical Regulation QCVN 41:2019/BGTVT on Road Signs (referred to as regulation 41) clearly state:

  • 4.30: Motorcycles (also known as motorbikes) are two- or three-wheeled motor vehicles and similar vehicles for transporting passengers, moving with engines with a cylinder capacity of 50cm3 or more, with a weight of 50 cm3 or more. weight not exceeding 400kg for two-wheeled motorbikes or carrying capacity from 350kg to 500kg for 3-wheeled motorbikes. This definition does not include motorbikes mentioned in Clause 4.31 of this Article.
  • 4.31: Motorcycle is a vehicle powered by an engine, with two or three wheels and a maximum design speed not greater than 50km/h. If the driving motor is a heat engine, the working capacity or equivalent capacity must not be greater than 50cm3.

Thus, motorcycles are 2-wheeled or 3-wheeled vehicles, with a design speed greater than 50km/h and an internal combustion engine with a cylinder capacity greater than 50cm3. Scooters such as Vespa, Honda SH or manual motorbikes such as Honda Wave, Yamaha Sirius and large displacement vehicles such as Yamaha FZ150i, R3 are all referred to as motorcycles in legal documents.

Geared cars, scooters, and large displacement vehicles that we often see are collectively called motorbikes or motorbikes.
Geared cars, scooters, and large displacement vehicles that we often see are collectively called motorbikes or motorbikes.

Motorcycles are vehicles with a maximum speed not greater than 50 km/h and a cylinder capacity of less than 50cm3. Popular motorbikes such as Cub, Babetta or Mobyllete… and even electric motorbikes.

Cub, Babetta or Mobyllete... are called motorbikes.
Cub, Babetta or Mobyllete… are called motorbikes.

Thus, motorcyclists in Vietnam need to look to the “motorcycle” section when wanting to find out information about the law related to their vehicle to avoid unfortunate misunderstandings.

Regarding the maximum prescribed speed: Motorcycles, which are motorbikes, can run up to 60 km/h in residential areas and 70 km/h outside residential areas. Regardless of the type of road, the maximum speed of a motorbike is 40 km/h.

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