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Motorcycles on the market today usually only use gasoline engines. Meanwhile, Diesel engines, also known as oil engines, have higher performance, are safer, and have cheaper fuel prices than gasoline engines. Diesel engines have many advantages over gasoline engines, but why don’t manufacturers install diesel engines on motorbikes?

The reason is because oil engines are heavier than gasoline engines. With cars this is not a problem, but with motorbikes it is different, it will affect the vehicle’s capacity. In addition, the design and production of diesel motorbikes is very expensive and completely not worth it.

Some types of diesel motorbikes are still produced and are mostly only used for very specialized purposes, such as for the military.

Below are the 7 most successful diesel motorbikes ever produced.

1. Royal Enfield Taurus

Royal Enfield Taurus

Royal Enfield Taurus was first produced in 1993 by Royal Enfield India and discontinued in 2001. Taurus has a 325cc air-cooled oil engine, 6.8 horsepower and 15Nm of torque. .

2. Summer 462

Summer 462

The Sommer 462 is assembled by hand in the small German town of Eppstein. Sommer 462 has a maximum speed of 104km/h, equipped with a 4-stroke, 462cc single-cylinder oil engine with 11 horsepower and 27Nm of torque, driven by a belt. Although quite modest in power, this diesel motorbike is extremely fuel efficient, it can run nearly 500km with just 1 full tank of oil.

3. Track T-800CDI

Track T-800CDI

The T-800CDI off-road vehicle uses a turbocharged 800cc engine taken from the Smart car for an impressive capacity of 45 horsepower and a particularly huge torque of 105Nm. It is also equipped with a CVT gearbox, driving the shift shaft. Track T-800CDI can accelerate 0-100kmh in under 4 seconds.

4. Hayes M1030 Military Motorcycle

Hayes M1030 Military Motorcycle

This diesel motorbike was developed by Hayes Diversified Technologies based on the frame of the Kawasaki KL650. The M1030 uses a 670cc water-cooled single-cylinder engine, which can reach a maximum speed of 145kmh. The entire vehicle is waterproof and can comfortably move through 60cm of water.

The highlight of the M1030 is that the vehicle’s engine can run on many different types of fuel including biodiesel, regular diesel, regular gasoline, kerosene JP8 jet fuel and 4 types of standard jet fuel. other.

Hayes M1030 Military Motorcycle has been used by the US Marine Corps since 2005.

5. Star Twin Thunder Star 1200 TDI

Star Twin Thunder Star 1200 TDI

Thunder Star 1200 TDI uses a turbocharged 1.2L 3-cylinder engine that provides 180 horsepower and up to 338Nm of torque but has exceptionally low fuel consumption, only 2.48 liters/100km.

6. Neander Turbo Diesel

Neander Turbo Diesel

The Turbo Diesel has a 1340cc in-line 2-cylinder engine, two crankshafts generating 112 horsepower and 180Nm of torque. This diesel motorbike is also equipped with a 6-speed cassette gearbox, high-end Brembo brakes and double telescopic forks. This impressive performance motorbike weighs nearly 300kg.

7. Hero MotoCorp RNT

Hero MotoCorp RNT

RNT is a 2-wheel drive diesel hybrid, using a 150cc diesel engine and a 1.3 horsepower electric motor for 13.5 horsepower and 35Nm of torque. This diesel motorbike is produced to serve developing countries like India. In addition to transportation capabilities, RNT can also generate mobile power, providing up to 1500W of 230V electricity. Another highlight of RNT is that the car’s LED headlight can be removed and the cord can be extended, becoming a mobile light source.

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