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TMC Dumont super motorbike is equipped with a 300 horsepower Rolls – Royces aircraft engine and uses spokeless wheels. This aircraft engine super motorbike is a product designed and manufactured by former Brazilian F1 racer, Tarso Marquez. TMC Dumont reminds many people of car models in science fiction movies.

TMC Dumont impresses with its super large engine placed in the middle of the car while the two ends are super modern wheels without wheels (wheel rims). The wheel part has no axles and spokes, no traditional front shock absorbers and measures up to 36 inches, nearly 1.5 meters high.

TMC Dumont has a very distinct appearance. The seat is pushed back close to the edge of the rear wheel, the ground clearance is almost zero. Except for the seat position on the car placed between the two wheels, it is almost unlike a traditional motorbike in any way. And of course, the 300 horsepower Rolls-Royce V6 engine that appears on Cessna aircraft is the most prominent highlight on the car.

TMC Dumont was one of the biggest challenges in Tarsus Marques’ career, as all accessories needed to be developed in-house. The entire frame and detailed parts have no reference points.

Although the TMC Dumont super motorbike has a design so unique that it is unrealistic, with a 300 horsepower Rolls-Royce engine of a small aircraft, it still makes many people fall in love with it.

We invite you to admire the beauty of the super airplane engine motorbike – TMC Dumont in the video below.

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