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A car is more than just transportation; it is a symbol of success and class. Choosing the right interior color is important.

What’s the importance of selecting a car interior color that matches your preferences?

According to the viewpoints of the Vietnamese people, purchasing a car holds great significance. It is not just about the financial investment, but also about having a reliable “travel companion” that will accompany them on various journeys including business trips, family outings, and even traveling with their grandparents. Consequently, in addition to verifying the delivery date and time, selecting the perfect interior and exterior color is also an essential factor. It often becomes a source of concern for many people, sometimes leading them to compromise on their preferred color choice.

Choosing the right car interior color is also something that many car owners are interested in

According to popular belief, selecting the appropriate color for both the car exterior and interior is of great significance. It is believed that specific colors aligned with one’s destiny can bring fortune and financial success to the owner. Moreover, vehicles with destiny-matching colors are said to experience fewer minor malfunctions and provide a comfortable and safe driving experience. These colors have the power to eliminate burdensome thoughts, making everything feel lighter. While not as prosperous as completely compatible colors, colors within the same element, also known as destiny colors, still offer better support to the owner, rather than causing any trouble.

If you happen to select the incorrect color, it can have detrimental effects on the owner and lead to feelings of restlessness, frustration, and insecurity while driving. Additionally, the car itself may be vulnerable to minor damages, resulting in financial expenses to repair. In the event of an accidental encounter, it can potentially trigger significant consequences, impact your health, and cause severe damage to your vehicle.

The color of your car's interior will bring you good luck on the road

Even though it may seem like a superstitious belief, checking feng shui when purchasing a house or car is no longer considered unusual. Moreover, there is a scientific explanation behind it. Therefore, selecting the appropriate car interior color for your destiny has become increasingly important. So, which color aligns with your fate? In the following sections, we will delve into the feng shui car interior colors.

Which furniture color is recommended for individuals with the Metal element?

Kim’s destiny is reflected in the matching color of the car’s interior.

Colors that align with your destiny are colors that are inherent to your destiny or go well with it. If you are unaware of which color is compatible with your destiny, please consult the following color options:

  • Yellow: Yellow symbolizes purity, innocence and success. This color often brings a gentle, pleasant feeling, and the soul is also more relaxed and comfortable. For Westerners, yellow is considered the main color, bringing luck and happiness to the owner as well as stimulating the ability to concentrate. According to feng shui experts, this is the most suitable color for people of the Metal element, so when choosing a car interior, you can choose floor mats, steering wheel covercar decoration accessories that are yellow or yellow-toned.

The alloy color is usually gold, silver, white...

  • White: White is the symbol of the Metal element, representing purity, simplicity and innocence. All beginnings come from white, it is like the foundation of life that helps people become more perfect. This is considered the destiny color of people of the Metal element, bringing a rich life to the owner.
  • Silver gray: Silver gray is also classified in the same color system as yellow and white, so it is not difficult to understand that it is also a suitable color for people of the Metal element. In feng shui, silver gray is extremely important for those with the Metal element because it is very good for Tu Tuc (descendants) and Quy Nhan or Quan Loc.

The color suits individuals with the Metal element.

Red and pink are the two colors that symbolize the Fire element, making them unsuitable for the Metal element. As a result, if you identify with the Metal element, it is advised not to opt for a car interior with these two hues.

What car interior colors complement the Wood element?

The hue is fitting for individuals with the Wood element.

According to the theory of the five elements, Wood is compatible with Water (water for growing plants), so car interior colors suitable for Wood destiny are colors such as black or two tones of green, blue, and sky blue.

  • Black: Black makes people think of authority and strength, so people of the Wood element are extremely suitable for this color. Choosing a black car interior for people of the Wood element will help them have more luck and be safer on the road.
  • Blue: Blue is the color of the sky and sea, very suitable for people of the Wood element. Blue symbolizes loyalty, sharp intelligence, confidence and wisdom and makes others feel more trustworthy.

People of the Wood element should choose green car interiors

  • Blue: Blue often creates a feeling of relaxation, gentleness, and comfort every time you look at it. This is also a message of love, sympathy, and sincere sharing between people, so it often creates a lot of sympathy with viewers. This color is quite suitable for people of the Wood element, so it will help your work develop and become more stable.
  • Green: Green is compatible with people of the Wood element because it symbolizes leaves, abundant vitality, intensity, freshness and development. This color not only creates a gentle and fresh feeling but is also very dynamic and healthy, very suitable for the temperament of people of the Wood element.

Colors that go well with the Wood element.

Dark yellow, earthy brown, silver white, light yellow are taboo colors that should be avoided, because they correspond to Metal and Earth, which are incompatible with Wood. If used by people of the Wood element auto and car accessories Belonging to these tones can bring bad luck and misfortune to you. However, if your car has a few irreplaceable items of this color, it is not necessarily bad, but it will somewhat reduce the luck, success, and wealth of people of the Wood element.

Which color suits the Water element? What factors should be considered when selecting a car interior?

The car’s interior color is a match for the Water element.

If you have not yet chosen a suitable color for your Water element, the following colors are recommended options for you.

  • White: When choosing feng shui car interior colors for people of the Water element, priority should be given to colors belonging to the Metal group, which is the compatible color of the Water element. Metal is born in Water, the color representing Metal is white, so people of the Water element are very suitable for objects and accessories that are white or in white tones such as silver, light gray, beige…
  • Black, blue, sky blue: Black, blue, and sky blue are all colors that belong to the destiny color group, so of course they are very suitable for people of the Water element.

The Water element is often compatible with white and is not compatible with colors such as green, yellow, brown, red, orange, purple...

Which colors do not go well with the Water element?

  • Red, orange, purple: Water and Fire are inherently incompatible, so in feng shui, the element of Water will not be compatible with the native colors of Fire, which are red, orange, and purple.
  • Yellow, brown, light brown: These 3 colors represent the Earth element, however Earth is incompatible with Water. Therefore, you need to avoid yellow and brown colors because they will moderate the luck and wealth of people of the Water element.
  • Green: Although Water and Wood are a mutual relationship, Water has lost a lot of energy to support and promote Wood’s growth and development. People of the Water element should not choose green car interiors, otherwise they will drain energy and hinder their path to success.

The car’s interior color perfectly complements the Fire element.

Which car interior color is most suitable for the Fire element?

Besides red, purple is also a good choice for people of the Fire element

  • Red: Red is the color of the Fire element, so it is considered a compatible color for people with the Fire element. People with the Fire element who choose car interior colors that match their destiny will be provided with more energy, helping them to be more alert and drive calmer and safer.
  • Green: Wood and Fire are mutually compatible, so people with the Fire element are also relatively compatible with green (the color of the Wood element). Blue brings a gentle, comfortable feeling to everyone who sees it. Colors that match the Fire element will help curb this element’s temper, helping the driver always keep a “cool head” during the driving process. traffic.
  • Purple, orange: These are also two corresponding colors for Fire people. In fact, feng shui scientists have proven that using orange objects helps people of the Fire element increase creative thinking, helping to achieve greater efficiency at work. Purple symbolizes harmony and peace, so when using this color for cars, people of the Fire element will feel more relaxed and secure in traffic.

Which color car interior should individuals with the Fire element avoid selecting?

Black, gray, and blue are considered the colors associated with the Water element. Due to the principle that Water overcomes Fire, individuals with the Fire element should avoid these colors. This means refraining from using furniture or car decorations such as carpet or steering wheel covers in black, navy blue, or purple blue. The clash between Water and Fire colors can potentially lead to conflicts and limit the luck and advantages of Fire people. If the interior of your car predominantly features black, it is advisable to incorporate other decorations in your lucky colors to counteract the negative effects brought by the unlucky color.

In addition, people with the Fire element should not choose colors such as yellow or brown. Because these two colors correspond to the Earth element, Fire is easily weakened and loses energy when giving birth to Earth.

What is the recommended way for individuals of the Earth element to purchase car interiors that align with feng shui?

The color is suitable for individuals associated with the Earth element.

People of the Earth element should choose brown or yellow car interiors to suit their destiny

  • Light yellow, yellow brown: Yellow is the natural color of Earth, symbolizing abundant energy, strong vitality and bringing a feeling of peace and safety. Although not prominent, these two color tones always attract others’ attention because of their sophistication and uniqueness, which is similar to the personality of people of the Earth element. When choosing a car interior color that suits the Earth element, it is best to choose this color.
  • Red, pink, orange, purple: Fire gives birth to Earth, so people with the Earth element are also quite suitable for colors such as red, pink, orange, purple (corresponding colors of the Fire element).

The color suits individuals with an Earth element.

According to the concept of mutual generation and mutual interference of the five elements, Wood overcomes Earth (trees absorb all the nutrients of the soil to grow and develop, causing the soil to become depleted and poor), therefore, people with the Earth element should not Choose green car interior (color representing the Wood element). Usually, if people of the Earth element use many of these colors on their cars, they will easily be distracted while driving, and will often encounter problems or breakdowns on the road…

Above are our advice on choosing suitable car interior colors for readers. However, choosing the car’s interior according to your destiny is just a spiritual measure, helping drivers feel more secure on the road. The most important thing is that we must concentrate when driving, do not use alcohol when participating in traffic and drive according to the law… Otherwise, no matter how much you use a car with the right color, you will still have to accept the consequences. unfortunate consequences. We hope that our readers will always have safe, convenient and happy trips with their beloved cars.

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