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If you lose your driver’s license, you can easily apply for a replacement online without visiting the agency in person.

Steps to request a replacement for a lost driver’s license via an online platform.

Step 1:

Initially, we will access the National Public Service Portal page by using the account you have previously registered.

To register for a National Public Service Portal account, please refer to the article provided for detailed instructions.

  • How to register for a National Public Service Portal account

Log in to the Public Service Portal

Step 2:

Please navigate to the website interface. Once there, input the keyword “driver’s license” in the designated area to access services associated with driver’s licenses. Then, click on the icon resembling a magnifying glass to initiate the search for records.

Search profiles

Step 3:

Now, you can view all the driver’s license applications that are supported on the Public Service Portal. If your driver’s license has been lost or expired, you should click on “Reissue driver’s license.” Alternatively, if you have an old driver’s license with incorrect information, please choose “Change driver’s license issued by the Transport sector.”

Reissue of car and motorbike driving licenses

Step 4:

To access the new interface, start by selecting the implementing agency: Province/City – Department of Transport. This agency provides assistance for reissuing driving licenses. To proceed to the new interface, simply click on “Agree” below. Please note that if online application is not supported in your province or city, you will have to visit the agency in person to apply.

Choose an agency that re-issues car and motorbike driving licenses

The user needs to click on the “Submit Online” button in order to create an online profile on the system.

Submit your application to reissue your driver's license online

Step 5:

Please access the interface to complete any missing personal information and verify the information provided. Additionally, upload the necessary documents. It is important to note that fields marked with an asterisk (*) must not be left empty. Furthermore, please select the option to receive the results through VNPOST’s public postal service.

Once you have completed filling out all the necessary information, double-check it and then proceed to submit your application online.

Fill in driver's license information

Request to replace a lost Driver’s License.

There are several scenarios in which one may lose their driver’s license and need to renew it. The process and application method for reissuing a license vary depending on the specific situation.

Case Necessary documents

I have misplaced my driver’s license for the first time, but I still have all my original documents.

This request is only applicable for re-issuing the exam, not for retaking it.

  • Application for re-issuance of driver’s license according to regulations (with date of receipt by the receiving agency).
  • ID card or notarized copy of passport.
  • Original documents match the lost A1 driver’s license.
Lost both driver’s license and original documents

Please resubmit all necessary documents in order to retake the exam.

  • 2 card photos 3×4 or 4×6.
  • 1 photocopy of 2-sided ID card, no notarization required.
  • New A3 form health certificate according to regulations of the Ministry of Transport.
Lost driver’s license for the first time, expired from 03 months to less than 01 year, no original documents left

You need to retake the theory test in order to obtain a new driving license.

The set of re-examination applications includes:

  • Copy of ID card or citizen identification card or valid passport with ID card number or citizen identification card number.
  • Health Certification.
  • Application to change (reissue) Driver’s License according to the prescribed form with the date of receipt of the application from the receiving agency.
  • Original document of lost Driver’s License (if any).
Lost driver’s license for the first time, expired by 01 year or more, still has original documents or no original documents

The individual is required to pass both the theory and practical exams again in order to obtain a renewed driving license.

Lost driver’s license for the second time

You are obligated to start over and retake the entire exam.

Apply for a lost driver's license

Fee for reissuing a driver’s license.

The fees for issuing new driving licenses due to loss are outlined in Circular 188/2016/TT-BTC as stated below:

The fee for reissuing a driver’s license is 135,000 VND per occurrence.

The cost of the driving test.

  • Motorcycle driving test (vehicle classes A1, A2, A3, A4):
    • Theoretical: 40,000 VND/time.
    • Practice: 50,000 VND/time.
  • Car driving test (car classes B1, B2, C, D, E, F):
    • Theory test: 90,000 VND/time.
    • Practical test in the picture: 300,000 VND/time.
    • Practical test on public roads: 60,000 VND/time.

What is the duration for the reissuance process of a driver’s license?

The Department of Transport typically takes around 2 months to process the application and issue a new driver’s license to the individual who submitted it.

Where should I go to submit an application for a Driver’s License reissue?

The address for reissuing a lost Driver’s License is now integrated with the instructions for converting a Driver’s License to a plastic card.

To request a re-issuance of a driving license in Hanoi, please submit an application.

  • Vietnam Road Administration: D20, Ton That Thuyet street, Cau Giay urban area, Cau Giay district.
  • Hanoi Department of Transport: No. 2 Phung Hung, Ha Dong District.
  • Traffic Management Department – Hanoi Department of Transport: No. 16 Cao Ba Quat, Ba Dinh District.
  • Long Bien Traffic Inspection Team: Van Hanh Street, Long Bien District (in Viet Hung New Urban Area).

To reissue your driving license in Ho Chi Minh City, please submit an application.

  • No. 51/2 Thanh Thai, Ward 14, District 10.
  • No. 8 Nguyen Anh Thu, Trung My Tay Ward, District 12.
  • No. 256 Duong Dinh Hoi, Tang Nhon Phu B Ward, District 9.
  • No. 4-6 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Linh Xuan Ward, Thu Duc District.
  • No. 111 Tan Son Nhi, Tan Son Nhi Ward, Tan Phu District.
  • No. 252 Ly Chinh Thang, Ward 9, District 3 only accepts applications to change foreign driving licenses.

There are various types of driver’s licenses available in Vietnam, each with its own validity period.