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Not all items are safe in a car trunk. Cosmetics, phones, and water cans left too long can cause fire or explosion. Pay attention to avoid incidents.

Cellphones, portable chargers, and digital gadgets.

In situations where high temperatures, along with engine heat and a confined space, prevail, the temperature inside the trunk will always remain above 40 degrees Celsius. Such extreme heat can significantly shorten the lifespan of electronic devices, particularly batteries, which could even potentially explode if left inside the trunk for an extended period.

Do not leave your phone and backup charger in the trunk of the car

2. Lighter

The presence of gas in the lighter could result in an explosive reaction if exposed to excessively high temperatures in the trunk.

3. Carbonated water

Elevated temperatures inside the car’s trunk can cause an increase in pressure for bottled beverages containing compressed air, such as beer cans, soft drink cans, and spray bottles. Excessive pressure in these containers can lead to explosions. Furthermore, leaving carbonated water in the trunk for an extended period of time can cause the beverage to deteriorate, posing potential health risks for the consumer.

4. Medicine

Keeping the medicine in a cool place away from heat is advisable as high temperatures can render it ineffective and potentially detrimental to the person taking it.

5. Cosmetics

Do not leave cosmetics in the trunk of the car

Elevated temperatures inside the car’s trunk can lead to reduced effectiveness or deterioration of cosmetics, resulting in potential side effects like allergies and redness for the user. When exposed to high temperatures, lipstick can also degrade and melt.

6. Perfume or alcohol

Alcohol and medical alcohol are flammable substances, which means they can catch fire when subjected to high temperatures. Similarly, perfume, containing alcohol, can also ignite if exposed to high temperatures, leading to a loss of its scent.

7. Food

In addition to the high temperature, the trunk environment is also highly dusty. The combination of bacteria and elevated temperatures in the car trunk can lead to quick spoilage of food.

8. Sunglasses

Storing sunglasses in the car’s trunk is a common practice for many people. However, it is important to note that the excessive heat inside the trunk can lead to the melting of the plastic components of the glasses. This could potentially be harmful to both the eyes and the skin when wearing them.

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