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Not properly protecting your car from the hot sun and high temperatures can cause damage to both the car and yourself.

Negative consequences of leaving a motorcycle exposed to high temperatures.

Fragile motorcycle tires, flaking paint.

The majority of motorcycle covers are typically constructed from plastic, which means that extensive exposure to sunlight can cause them to become fragile and susceptible to breakage.

Leaving the car exposed to prolonged sunlight can cause the exterior paint to discolor and peel more easily.


In hot weather, the temperature beneath the road surface can become extremely high, potentially reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius. This temperature is significantly higher than what we perceive in the environment. Both the road surface and temperature play a crucial role in determining the lifespan of tires.

As the temperature rises, the air pressure inside the tire increases as well. Scientists have determined that for every 10 degrees Celsius increase in temperature, the tire pressure goes up by 1PSI. It’s important to note that even a small increase in PSI can lead to tire wear, compromised braking performance, or in extreme cases, tire explosions.

Park your motorbike in the sun

There was a fire and explosion in the fuel tank and trunk of the vehicle.

In modern times, car manufacturers design car trunks to be spacious enough to hold numerous items. However, it is important to be cautious as people frequently store flammable objects like lighters, matches, battery chargers, and cans of carbonated soft drinks in their trunks. It is crucial to note that if a car is left in direct sunlight for an extended period, the temperature inside the trunk can rise significantly, posing a risk of explosion.

To safeguard your motorcycle from frequent sun exposure, implement protective measures to prevent damage to the paint and components.

Enhance vehicle maintenance

Regular vehicle maintenance assists in quickly identifying and fixing any irregularities in your vehicle, such as cracked, broken, or loose parts. This maintenance routine plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of both yourself and others on the road.

Clean the car

Motorbikes tend to accumulate layers of dirt, particularly in enclosed areas, after a period of travel. This accumulation can slightly impair the vehicle’s cooling ability, particularly in hot weather conditions. To ensure optimal performance, it is advisable to clean your motorbike regularly.

Cover the car

When parking your car outside for an extended period under the scorching sun, consider using basic materials like newspapers, towels, cloth, or tarpaulins to provide a protective cover.

Cover the car

Do not cool down suddenly

The car is being subjected to prolonged exposure under the scorching sun outdoors, with temperatures soaring as high as 39-40 degrees Celsius. In such situations, it is advisable to regularly flush and spray water directly onto the car to bring down its temperature. However, while this method may provide quick relief, it can potentially result in damage to the car, including the risk of the engine cover cracking, thus posing a hazard during operation.

Check tires regularly

Tires can stretch and inflate when they are exposed to a hot road surface for an extended period of time. If this goes unnoticed and you continue to drive, there is a risk of the tire suddenly exploding, which can be extremely dangerous. Hence, it is important to inspect the tires for any abnormalities such as tightness or bulging before starting the engine and hitting the road.

To ensure optimal tire performance while traveling on the road in hot weather, it is advisable to avoid both over-inflating and under-inflating your tires.

To avoid experiencing a flat tire while on the road, it is recommended to have a car tire pump as a necessary accessory. This pump can also be used for motorbikes. By proactively checking and regularly inflating your tires, you can minimize the risk of encountering this inconvenience. Quantrimang provides the following suggestions for you to consider and choose the appropriate equipment according to your specific requirements.

Make sure not to store any flammable items in the car’s trunk to prevent potential hazards.

Please consult the article titled “8 items that should not be stored in a motorcycle trunk” for further information.