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The car air conditioning system is vital, particularly in hot weather. Here are some essential tips for efficient and economical use.

Avoid turning on the air conditioner before or simultaneously with starting the engine.

It is common for car owners to regularly turn on the air conditioner immediately upon entering their vehicle. However, this practice is highly detrimental as it consumes excessive battery energy, leading to potential damage and a reduced lifespan for the cooling system.

Do not turn on the air conditioner before or at the same time as starting the engine

Please shut the doors when you switch on the air conditioner.

Don’t forget to shut all car doors once you’ve turned on the air conditioner. By doing so, the interior will cool down more quickly, preventing cold air from escaping and ultimately saving fuel.

Please adjust the wind intensity accordingly.

Ensure that you adjust the fan mode appropriately when activating the air conditioner. If the fan is too weak, it won’t provide sufficient cooling. On the other hand, if the fan is set to a high speed, it may result in discomfort and consume excess electricity.

Switch off the AC and open the windows while driving through flooded zones.

To prevent water from being sucked into the engine and potentially causing the engine to stall, make sure to switch off the air conditioner and roll down the car windows before venturing onto a flooded road. This will ensure that the rotating fan does not pull in the water.

Ensure that the engine and air conditioner are not switched off simultaneously.

It is recommended that you shut off the air conditioner approximately 10 minutes prior to stopping and allow the air to escape by opening the door. Subsequently, you should switch off the device.

Make sure to regularly maintain your air conditioning system.

Car owners must regularly maintain and cleanse their car’s air conditioner using a car interior cleaning solution. This is essential to ensure the optimal functioning of the system, prolong its lifespan, and promptly identify and fix any potential issues.

The frequency of car air conditioner maintenance varies depending on how often it is used and the type of vehicle, but on average it is recommended to be done every 1 to 2 years.

Furthermore, drivers have the option to utilize a car air purifier that not only helps maintain a clean and cool atmosphere within the air conditioning system but also minimizes the proliferation of detrimental agents such as mold, viruses, bacteria, and more.

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