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The online community was taken by surprise when Bachir Diallo, a resident of Guinea in West Africa, shared a video on his account (Bachir Diallo 6767). The video showcased Diallo starting up a homemade pickup truck built from welded iron pipes and old corrugated iron.

As a result, the individual in the video ingeniously constructed a pickup truck using the scraps he gathered. The engine of the vehicle was repurposed from an old motorbike, while the frame was assembled using welded iron pipes. Resourcefully, the young African man utilized old corrugated iron and tree bark to fashion the car’s body, and repurposed fabric-covered sofas as makeshift furniture inside. It appears that he even repurposed a wheelbarrow to create the wheels, ingeniously fashioning a steering wheel from thin iron bars attached to the wheelbarrow.

Homemade pickup truck

Using his cleverness and intellect, he single-handedly constructed a remarkable pickup truck.

The video’s images demonstrate the pickup’s impressive mobility and capacity to transport goods and supplies.

Following the video’s upload, it swiftly captured the online community’s attention. Numerous individuals have expressed their admiration for the gentleman’s creativity through comments like “This is the most incredible car I’ve ever witnessed” or “It’s truly remarkable; accomplishing such a feat isn’t easy,” while others even discovered additional features such as lights. One individual even compared it to the works of Nikola Tesla, the world-renowned inventor.