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The Shenxing super fast charging battery model was unveiled by CATL (China) on August 16, making it the largest electric car battery manufacturer in the world.

Introducing the groundbreaking 4C super-fast charging LFP battery model, the first of its kind in the world. This battery, utilizing a new energy storage structure called Lithium Ferrous Phosphate (LiFePO4), revolutionizes electric cars by enabling them to travel a remarkable 700km on a single full charge. Not only that, but with only 15 minutes of charging time, these vehicles can add an impressive 400 km to their range in just 10 minutes.

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Specifically, Shenxing batteries are suitable for installation on affordable electric vehicle models, extending beyond just high-end vehicles.

Shenxing employs super-grid cathode technology and utilizes fully nano-crystallized LFP cathode material in order to develop a super-grid that enhances the separation of lithium ions and enables swift response to charging signals.

Shenxing batteries incorporate fast ion ring technology to establish a rapid transmission channel for electricity. Additionally, enhancements have been made to the ultra-thin SEI membrane in order to decrease resistance and facilitate the movement of lithium ions.

In order to address the issues arising from rapid refueling, CATL has developed a real-time error checking system that guarantees a superior level of safety for Shenxing batteries.

In addition to this, Shenxing batteries enable electric vehicles to maintain their acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h regardless of extreme cold temperatures.

By the end of this year, CATL intends to commence the production of Shenxing batteries. These batteries are intended to be installed in electric vehicle models that will be sold in the first quarter of next year.

With a market share of approximately 37%, CATL stands as the largest battery manufacturer globally. It holds strategic partnerships with various esteemed companies such as VinFast, Tesla, Geely, Fisker, Mercedes-Benz, SAIC Motor, and more.