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Starting from August 15th, numerous individuals who were registering their recently bought vehicles were taken aback by the fact that the license plates now included up to two letters. Prior to this change, license plates with two letters were exclusively seen on vehicles with an engine capacity of less than 50 cc.

Motorcycle license plates have 2 letters

The reason for this change is Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA issued by the Ministry of Public Security, which will come into effect on August 15.

According to Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA issued by the Ministry of Public Security, motorcycle license plates for vehicles belonging to domestic organizations and individuals will consist of a combination of any of the following 20 letters: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, N, P, S, T, U, V, X, Y, Z, followed by another letter also chosen from the same set of 20 letters.

According to Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA, the dimensions for the license plate installed on the back of a motorcycle are specified as a height of 140 mm and a length of 190 mm.

Instructions for arranging letters and numbers on motorcycle license plates for domestic agencies, organizations, and individuals:

1. Start with a valid license plate issued by the appropriate licensing authority.
2. Ensure that the license plate consists of a combination of letters and numbers, using the English language only.
3. Determine the specific requirements for arranging the letters and numbers based on the regulations of the licensing authority.
4. Typically, license plates have a specific format and sequence for arranging the characters. Follow these guidelines closely.
5. Begin by placing any required agency or organizational identifiers, such as acronyms or logos, at the beginning of the license plate.
6. Next, arrange the letters and numbers according to the specified format. This may include specific orders for uppercase and lowercase letters, numerical sequences, or predetermined combinations.
7. Take into consideration any possible restrictions or prohibitions set by the licensing authority, such as offensive or inappropriate combinations of letters and numbers.
8. Ensure that the characters are clearly legible and correctly spaced, using the designated font and size as specified by the licensing authority.
9. Double-check that the license plate arrangement adheres to all relevant regulations and guidelines to avoid any potential issues or penalties.
10. Install the license plate securely on the motorcycle, following the instructions provided by the licensing authority.

Remember to always comply with local laws and regulations when arranging letters and numbers on motorcycle license plates.

  • The first row is the license plate symbol of the locality where the vehicle is registered and the registration series (2 letters and the province will have a regulation on different vehicle registration serial numbers for each commune and district).
  • The second row is the vehicle registration order consisting of 05 natural numbers, from 000.01 to 999.99.

The Circular also governs the color and design of license plates for domestic agencies, organizations, and individuals.

Specifically, motorcycle license plates for domestic private vehicles have a white background with black letters and numbers. These plates consist of two letters. License plates issued to vehicles owned by domestic organizations and individuals, excluding certain special subjects that belong to state agencies like the Office of the National Assembly and agencies of the National Assembly, Central Steering Committees, People’s Police, People’s Court, People’s Procuracy, Ministries, ministerial-level agencies, and Government agencies.

Circular 24/2023/TT-BCA states that when providing license plates for motorcycles, commonly referred to as motorbikes, to individuals within the country, they will no longer be categorized based on their cylinder capacity. The circular specifies that there will be a single type of motorcycle license plate for domestic individuals, including regulations regarding its color and license plate series as mentioned earlier.