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The team behind the Italian YouTube channel Carmagheddon has recently unveiled an image of the ‘world’s lowest chassis car’. This incredible creation, capable of moving, was built by the channel owner themselves.

The team utilized a first generation Fiat Panda sourced from a scrapyard as the base for their project. However, they deviated from the typical method of lowering the car and instead opted to remove sections around the upper door hinges, retaining only the window sills, pillars, roof, and bonnet. Furthermore, they reinforced the frame and added small wheels to achieve a ground clearance of merely 30mm. This clearance was just sufficient to prevent the vehicle from getting trapped in manhole covers.

Lowest chassis car in the world

The unique “new car” is equipped with three wheels and operates on a 2-stroke engine. Due to space constraints, the original engine of the Fiat Panda had to be replaced.

To our surprise, individuals can still enter this low-lying vehicle. However, instead of occupying a conventional driver’s seat, the driver must position themselves on a board affixed to the car. They need to bend down, cross their legs, and their view becomes completely obstructed by the steering wheel, engine, and tinted windshield.

The driver has the ability to adjust the steering wheel solely by utilizing an external tracking camera, which then transmits data to the phone.

Please watch this video:

Despite its extremely low ground clearance, the car is able to move, although it requires external assistance to be started. Whether this car holds the title for being the lowest chassis in the world remains uncertain, as we are still awaiting expert reviews and evaluations to determine its status.