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The world’s largest pickup “monster” is the Dodge Power Wagon replica from the 1950s. It is eight times bigger than the original and weighs over 50 tons.

The 1950s Dodge Power Wagon replica, 8 times larger than the original and weighing more than 50 tons, is the world

This enormous vehicle is the property of Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, popularly known as Rainbow Sheikh, who is a prominent member of one of the ruling families in the United Arab Emirates. He possesses a collection of incredibly distinctive and remarkably large car models.

In the 1950s, numerous influential figures in the Middle East favored the use of the Dodge Power Wagon.

In order for the Dodge Power Wagon to have a large size, the entire body frame and chassis were renewed

To ensure that the Dodge Power Wagon achieved its substantial size, the entire body frame and chassis underwent a complete renovation. Some components were even borrowed from other oversized vehicles; for instance, the wheels were obtained from massive oil tankers, custom headlights were fabricated to accommodate the new dimensions, and windshield wipers were borrowed from ocean liners. As a result, the vehicle’s total weight exceeds 50 tons.

Even though it is incredibly large, this pickup truck is equipped with its own license plate and is capable of driving just like any other regular car. Presently, the vehicle is located in the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi, which welcomes visitors without any admission fees.

Despite its huge size, this pickup has its own license plate and can drive like other normal cars

Contrary to expectations, the car’s enormous size does not align with its engine’s capacity. Surprisingly, the engine is a mere 6-cylinder Detroit Diesel borrowed from an excavator, boasting a modest 300 horsepower.

“Monster Dodge” is more than just the biggest pickup truck in the world; it also doubles as a spacious mobile home. This extraordinary vehicle boasts a living room, a generously sized kitchen, four air-conditioned bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, and, notably, a private yard at the back for users to relish in the surrounding scenery. While images of the interior are not publicly available, one can only imagine the wonders that await within.

The cost of creating the complete car was not disclosed

The exact price of producing the entire car has not been revealed, but it is safe to assume that it will be a substantial amount, considering that the headlights alone are priced at $1,000 (equivalent to over 24 million VND).