Cybertruck 700

The Cybertruck by Tesla was unveiled four years ago and is anticipated to start manufacturing later this year.

Nevertheless, there is a possibility of further delay for the vehicle, as Musk recently expressed his dissatisfaction with the designers of the Cybertruck due to the presence of gaps between its components in the latest production test versions. The body panel appears to be excessively large and uneven, lacking the seamless fit that Musk envisions, akin to the precision of “Lego” pieces.

According to an internal email acquired by the Cybertruck Owners Club, Musk instructed employees that every component in the vehicle, whether produced by Tesla or obtained from suppliers, must adhere to a precision level of less than 10 microns. This indicates that the dimensions of all parts need to be accurate up to 0.001 mm. Musk further emphasized that if even Legos and highly affordable soda cans can achieve such accuracy, then there should be no reason why Tesla cannot accomplish it as well.

Latest test version of Tesla Cybertruck

According to reports, Musk allegedly sent this email after sharing a photo on social network X, where he showcased testing the newest version of the Tesla Cybertruck. Although the photo doesn’t clearly depict the load on the Cybertruck, it is evident that there are discrepancies in the alignment of the front and rear door panels, with uneven black spots.

Certainly. An automobile should possess uniformity among its body parts and maintain a slim profile in order to exude a cohesive and solid impression, thereby creating the perception of a seamless and integrated vehicle.