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The Garage 54 YouTuber group constructed a wooden car in the forest that has proven to be a major crowd magnet, garnering attention comparable to a supercar no matter where it is.

Wooden car

The team utilized wooden logs to construct the vehicle’s frame, employing large logs for the outer edges and smaller logs as cross beams. They opted for sturdy wooden logs as wheel axles. In lieu of screws, they ingeniously employed steel wires to join the logs together, resulting in a distinctive wooden chassis for the car.

Once the chassis was finished, they proceeded to install the engine, steering wheel, and transmission, making sure to connect the drive shaft to the rear wheels. Garage 54 opted for a gasoline hybrid engine to power their wooden car.

While test driving, the steering wheel of the car exhibited significant instability, causing it to veer back and forth. To rectify this issue, the team employed wooden logs and additional steel wire to enhance the stability of the steering wheel.

In order to enhance the smoothness and ease of control of the car, the team made several additions, including installing a driver’s seat, modern hydraulic brakes, a gear lever, as well as two accelerator and clutch pedals.

Despite the grass being removed, the car continued to face the issue of wheels getting easily entangled due to its low chassis. Once the grass was eliminated, the car resumed its normal functioning.

Wooden car

This car is genuinely eco-friendly, as it incorporates a significant amount of wood in its construction. While it may not perform like conventional cars, its remarkable and one-of-a-kind design captures the enthusiasm of many people. As the Garage 54 group took the wooden car onto the street, numerous individuals halted them, curious to inquire about it and eager to take pictures with this “supercar”.

When the Garage 54 group drove the car out onto the street, many people stopped them to ask questions and pose for photos with the