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For centuries, round wheels have dominated the realm of transportation, from ancient times to the present day. Yet, Sergii Gordieiev, the renowned owner of YouTube’s famous channel, The Q, dared to defy convention by crafting a bicycle with square wheels. In doing so, he embarked on a mission to challenge the long-standing norms and standards upheld by manufacturers for thousands of years.

Initially, The Q set out to create a square wheel. He began by procuring a square iron pipe, then proceeded to attach gears and incorporate a chain. Additionally, he carefully sliced the round tire into long strips in order to effectively encase the “new rim”.

Once he finished creating the square wheel, he took out the old wheel from the bike and installed the newly constructed wheel onto the bike.

The Q demonstrated to his YouTube channel subscribers that the vehicle he constructed with square wheels was functional.

Square wheel bicycle

One could argue that this wheel is not perfectly square because it contains circular gears placed on both sides and at the four corners, allowing the rubber tire covering the outside to move accordingly. As a result, the car does not roll in perfectly right angles either.

Naturally, steering the bike with this type of wheel is not nearly as effortless and seamless as it is with traditional round wheels.

One advantage of square wheel bicycles is that they can stand upright without requiring a stand, making it convenient to stack them in tight spaces.

The creation of The Q’s square-wheeled bicycle goes beyond the ordinary, even though it cannot move smoothly or be practically applied. This truly pushes the limits and encourages everyone to think outside the box of creativity.