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The vehicle’s ceiling grab handle is a piece of equipment that serves to provide occupants with a secure grip while the car is in motion at high speeds. Additionally, it facilitates easier entry and exit from the vehicle, particularly in models with lower seating positions.

In the past, ceiling handles were commonly found on car models, but they have been gradually disappearing from newer cars. According to Mercedes, a German car company, who shared their insight with the Dutch site TopGear, the main reason for this change is that the ceiling handle significantly impacts the car’s height.

Car ceiling handle

The handle is specifically constructed from a rigid material, requiring vehicles with this feature to have a relatively high ceiling compared to the occupant’s head. This is done to prevent any potential injuries to the person’s head or body in the event of a collision.

Nevertheless, a high ceiling hampers aerodynamic performance by causing an increase in the wind resistance coefficient. Consequently, car manufacturers have opted to eliminate this handle, thereby lowering the car’s roof and achieving a more favorable wind resistance coefficient.

Moreover, a low-riding vehicle provides the convenience of easy ingress and egress, rendering handles unnecessary.

The Mercedes representative also stated that by removing the ceiling armrest, the car’s interior design will have a sleeker appearance.

At present, vehicle manufacturers determine whether or not a ceiling handle is included in their designs based on the size and intended purpose of the vehicle.

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