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The simplest way to entertain and draw attention is by customizing a car with one-of-a-kind rims and wheels.

The Tesla Model 3 is flipped over, showcasing enormous wheels measuring 3 meters in height.

Tesla Model 3 upside down with giant wheels 3 meters high

The WhistlinDiesel channel, known for their extraordinary car customizations, recently achieved an incredible wheel modification for the Tesla Model 3. In this particular project, they utilized specially crafted carriage wheels with an impressive diameter of up to 3 meters to elevate the car’s chassis.

Their purpose in utilizing this unique wheel is not to elevate the chassis, but rather to elevate the Tesla to a height where it can be inverted without the roof making contact with the ground.

With the help of the team’s excavator, WhistlinDiesel successfully flipped the vehicle over. One of them entered the Tesla Model 3 and drove off.

Incredibly innovative 4-wheel drive system designed for motorcycles.

The WhistlinDiesel channel unexpectedly customized the rim of a high-capacity motorcycle by adding sizable metal spikes sourced from scrap materials, which left numerous individuals astounded.

Super unique 4-wheel drive for motorbikes

Due to the wheel being composed of rather sizeable metal spikes, it was necessary to reconstruct both the frame as well as the front and rear forks. As a consequence, the outcome is an exceedingly remarkable off-road vehicle, although regrettably it does not possess the legal capacity to be propelled on public roads.

VW minibus with extra wheels.

Kurt Kretzner, a German engineer, converted a 1960s Volkswagen T1 Bully minibus into a tank-like vehicle known as the Half-track Fox, featuring eight wheels.

Volkswagen minibus with increased wheels

Kretzner designed a set of wheels for the Fox, with a total of eight wheels, four on each side. These wheels were specially designed with aluminum covering and rubber tracks, allowing them to function similarly to tanks’ tracks.

After its completion, the Volkswagen “tank” is capable of traversing various terrains, albeit at a relatively slow pace due to its original 1.2-liter 4-cylinder engine. This engine generates a modest 33 horsepower, solely powering the rear tires, making it a non-all wheel drive vehicle.

The Chevrolet Camaro boasts large chrome wheels.

Chevrolet Camaro has giant chrome wheels

Famous rapper Chamillionaire owns this remarkable Chevrolet Camaro featuring impressive oversized chrome wheels ranging from 30 to 35 inches in size. The wheel cavity had to be widened by the car builder, and the suspension system was modified accordingly to accommodate these “super huge” wheels.