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Sebastian Beutler, a welder and self-taught mechanic hailing from Köthen, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany, has successfully constructed a bicycle known as the Kleine Johanna. This remarkable creation weighs a staggering 2,177kg, which is on par with the weight of popular pickup trucks such as the Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux. With this impressive feat, Beutler’s creation currently holds the title for being the heaviest rideable bicycle in existence.

Kleine Johanna Bicycle

In March 2023, the German Records Institute, a division of the local Guinness World Records Organization, officially acknowledged the Kleine Johanna as the world’s heaviest rideable bicycle. The Kleine Johanna satisfied specific criteria, including the requirement to be propelled solely by pedals, just like regular bicycles.

The heaviest bicycle in the world

Little Johanna’s tires were salvaged from a colossal tractor, while its steel frame measures over 5 meters in length and nearly 2 meters in height. The vehicle is fitted with a recycled Opel Blitz 3.6 truck transmission, sourced from a scrap yard by Beutler. This component serves to bolster the wheels, enabling the car to be propelled by pedal power. Virtually all of Little Johanna’s components are crafted from discarded materials.

Kleine Johanna's tires are taken from giant tractors

This particular bike is equipped with 35 gears for forward motion and 7 gears for reverse motion. It can achieve a remarkable maximum speed of 8km/h on flat terrain and an impressive speed of 18km/h when going downhill. What makes this bike even more remarkable is its ability to tow a hefty load of 15 tons of cargo. Additionally, the bike’s active steering wheels make maneuvering around corners effortless.

The Kleine Johanna possesses an engine that serves the purpose of running a generator to help Beutler charge his phone while riding, but it does not provide charging while pedaling. This feature becomes essential during Beutler’s leisurely cycling sessions when he requires something to occupy his time, leading to the phone’s battery draining rapidly.

Kleine Johanna has motives

This bike has 35 forward and 7 reverse gears

This summer, Beutler intends to embark on a bike journey to the Baltic Sea, covering a distance of approximately 389 kilometers. He anticipates that this adventure will span around one month of traveling on the road.

Here is the link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-mWwOrIdjU