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According to Circular 59/2018/BGTVT of the Ministry of Transport, all manufactured, assembled and imported motorbikes and motorbikes must have energy labels in an easily visible position before being put on the market. The Vietnam Register has announced the fuel consumption of 190 motorbike models manufactured, assembled and imported by businesses.

According to this announcement, the Yamaha Grande with a gasoline consumption of 1.69 liters/100km is the most fuel-efficient scooter model today. Honda MSX125 with 1.48 liters/100 km is the most fuel-efficient manual and manual transmission model (excluding 50 cc vehicles).

The declared fuel consumption levels of motorbike models labeled according to the new regulations are as follows:

Fuel consumption of Honda scooterFuel consumption of scooter
Fuel consumption of manual cars

Information about the fuel consumption of these types of motorbikes is publicly sent by motorbike manufacturing and importing establishments to the Vietnam Register. This information is also posted on the websites of motorbike manufacturing, importing and trading establishments (if any) and maintained throughout the period of providing that type of motorbike to the market.

Model of energy labels on motorbikes applied from 2020.
Model of energy labels on motorbikes applied from 2020.

To look up the fuel consumption of each motorbike model on the Vietnamese market, please access the Information Portal of the Vietnam Register according to the link below -> find the “Notification” section -> click on section “Information on fuel consumption for motorbikes and mopeds”.

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