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There is a fact that not everyone knows that most motorbikes, especially scooters, have front and rear wheel sizes that are often not the same. Specifically, the front wheel usually has a larger diameter than the rear wheel but the tire width is narrower.

Since the 1800s, rubber tires began to be used on motorcycle wheels. At that time, the sizes of the front and rear wheels are equal.

By the 1900s, professional tire manufacturers discovered that having the same size front and rear wheels was not optimal for performance. The vehicle has the best performance when the front wheel rim size is larger and the tire width is narrower than the rear wheel.

The front wheel rim size is usually larger than the rear wheel

The front wheel on a motorbike must withstand pressure and have a navigation function. Therefore, a larger tire rim size will help the vehicle have better navigation ability, especially when traveling on uneven roads. Of course, bigger is not always better, manufacturers have also calculated to find out what size tire is best.

The smaller size of the rear wheel also helps increase the space between the wheel and the saddle. This helps make the trunk space more spacious.

The difference in size between the front and rear wheels of a motorbike also contributes to the shock absorbers on the vehicle having a longer travel, making the vehicle smoother during operation.

The rear tire is usually wider than the front tire

The rear tire of a motorbike is usually wider than the front tire

The rear wheel is the main load-bearing wheel on a motorbike, so having a wider rear tire will help increase the contact area with the ground. This helps the vehicle have better stability and balance during operation.

The fact that the rear tire is usually wider also helps the vehicle have a good fulcrum to create stronger traction, helping the motorbike accelerate faster.

Aesthetically, the rear tire is wider than the front tire, which also helps the car look more aggressive and increase luxury.

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