xe 128 banh 700

The video showcases the transportation of a transformer station across a total distance of 426km from Bunnel to Mimosa in Florida, USA. The transformer station is being carried on a massive vehicle with dimensions of 88.3m in length, 5.1m in height, and 6.7m in width. This makes navigating the vehicle on the road, particularly around curves, extremely challenging.

In order to safely move the vehicle, which has a maximum weight of 419 tons, a puller was required in the front while a pusher was needed in the back.

The trailer that follows behind has the capability to steer independently and is equipped with a maximum of 128 wheels (excluding the wheels of the two tractors). These wheels are distributed into 16 clusters, with each cluster comprising 8 wheels.

Having a significant number of wheels aids in distributing the total load evenly. Additionally, it ensures that even if a tire bursts, the wheels still maintain the capability to support the load, thus promoting a safe trip.

xe 128 banh 700

Allow the other car to proceed in order to lead and assist this massive vehicle throughout the entire moving procedure.

When building a project, there may arise a need to utilize large parts and machinery. Consequently, it becomes crucial to transport these components to the construction site, a task that has always proven challenging due to their size. To tackle this challenge, assistance was sought from companies that specialize in transporting oversized items.

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