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Ford Motor Company, the American automobile manufacturer, has recently submitted a patent application for a unique feature that involves showcasing a luminous 3D logo in the air. This innovative technology is being developed for both Ford and Lincoln, two prominent brands under the Ford Motor Company, with the aim of enhancing brand visibility during nighttime. Ford Motor Company intends to incorporate this captivating feature into upcoming car models, thereby bolstering brand recognition in low-light environments.

The functioning of this illuminating 3D logo is akin to the existing car feature known as the waiting light or welcome light.

The logo glows and floats

This system consists of two primary components.

  • The projector is placed above the hood or next to the logo on the hood, but it will only display one color.
  • The device creates mist to reflect 3D images suspended in mid-air. This generator can collect water from rainwater, or reclaim water from the car’s air conditioner.

According to Ford Motor’s patent, the car owner has the option to alter the default 3D projection of the manufacturer’s logo to display a personal photo.

Glowing 3D logo

Ford Motor’s new patent is currently awaiting approval, leaving us uncertain as to when Ford and Lincoln will introduce this distinctive feature to their vehicles.

Ford has made the recent decision to cease the sale of the EcoSport model in the United States by 2022, effectively discontinuing this small SUV. Additionally, after 25 years of operation and a network of around 400 dealers, Ford has also chosen to exit the automobile retail market in India. This choice comes as a result of incurring a significant loss of 2 billion USD over a span of 10 years in the country.