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Currently on the market there are many different types of car batteries, belonging to many different brands both domestic and foreign. Therefore, choosing a good quality and suitable product is quite difficult for those without experience. In this article, we will find out What kind of car battery is good? And “pocket” a few tips when choosing batteries!

What types of car batteries are there?

There are two common types of car batteries: water batteries and dry batteries

Battery is an important part of the car’s structure, responsible for transmitting electricity to parts such as the radio, air conditioner, car lights and especially used to start the car. So you have to be really careful when choosing a battery to get a quality battery set with a long life. To do this, first you must understand what type of car battery you need to buy.

Currently, on the market, whether domestic or imported products, car batteries are divided into two main types: water batteries and dry batteries.

  • Water battery: A water battery is a type of battery that has not yet been filled with solution when purchased. When the customer chooses to buy, the dealer will provide the solution. The filling level will be displayed as a horizontal line on the tank cover. Pour until the level is sufficient and the dealer will charge the battery until the tank is full before installing it in the car. This type of battery often has buttons in the battery compartments (12V batteries will have 6 buttons), generates large current, and recovers slower than dry batteries.
  • Dry battery: Dry batteries are batteries that are pre-charged when manufactured and do not have buttons in the battery compartments. Customers who buy it just need to install it on the car to use it, without wasting time on maintenance or adding more fluid. Customers will use this battery until it runs out of power then buy another battery. Dry batteries often generate large currents and recover faster than water batteries.

What type of car battery is good?

Which type of battery is best among the two types?

In fact, there are no certain standards to evaluate Car battery Which type is good, we usually have to choose based on its suitability for our needs as well as our financial ability. To accurately evaluate the types of car batteries and which type is most suitable for you, we should clearly analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each type.

Water battery

Water batteries usually have to be recharged after a period of use


  • Has strong current.
  • The structure of a car water battery is quite simple, which is why the water battery has a reasonable price.
  • Water-based car batteries can be easily removed to run other devices such as electric fans, light bulbs, etc.
  • The electricity in the water battery often weakens before running out of electricity and can still be restored after a long time, this helps the car owner to start the engine to take the car to a repair shop to replace the battery.


  • Users must periodically recharge the battery about every 3 months if not connected to a power consuming device. If the electrolyte in each compartment is lower than normal, the user must also supplement it.
  • Water batteries can cause an unpleasant odor or cause burning gas when charging the battery.
  • The inside of the lid often rusts because the acid solution inside the tank easily evaporates.
  • The usage time of water batteries is shorter than that of dry batteries.

Dry battery

Dry batteries are quite easy to use, no need to recharge


  • No need to add water or electrolyte during use.
  • The lifespan of the bottle is very durable and strong.
  • Dry batteries apply many new technologies.
  • The metal around the battery is not corroded by acid vapors, so dry batteries are often cleaner.
  • No gas is released to the outside so there is no unpleasant odor.


  • The price is more expensive than water batteries.
  • Dry batteries can easily run out of power suddenly, causing the driver to encounter difficulties and problems if they do not know how to handle it promptly.

What kind of car battery should I buy?

Dry batteries are usually imported so they have a faster recovery time, are cleaner and require less maintenance, so most common customers choose these batteries.

However, if you have limited financial resources and often have to use a car (taxi, contract car), you can also choose a water battery like Dong Nai car battery for your car, it will be more durable. is more economical, but requires the car owner to regularly pay attention and take care of it otherwise the acid water inside will evaporate.

Choosing which type of battery to buy requires considering your needs and financial capabilities

Besides, based on its advantages, water batteries still have “useful land” because truck models are often equipped with this type of battery because it has a stronger current than dry batteries.

Whether using dry batteries or water batteries, in addition to depending on the material, manufacturing technology, each person’s way of preservation and use is also an important factor to help increase the lifespan and effective time of the battery. regulation.

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Things to note when choosing to buy car batteries

When buying a new battery, you need to choose a suitable size, equivalent to the old one

In addition to paying attention to the type and brand of the type car accessory In this case, you also need to be especially careful in choosing the right and best car battery for your car according to the following criteria:

  • Battery size: Choosing the correct battery size for your car will make installation and operation the easiest and most stable. The battery you need must have the standard size given by the manufacturer, because when installing the battery in the car, it will have to be compatible with the pre-designed grooves so that it does not come loose or buckle during driving. So, make sure the car battery you choose has the appropriate mounting groove for the vehicle. Each vehicle model can be compatible with many different sized batteries, so it’s best to bring your old battery with you for easy comparison.
  • The voltage and capacity of the new battery must be the same as the old battery: Voltage and capacity are two important parameters that affect the stable operation of a car battery. For normal cars, the commonly used car battery voltage is 12V. You should choose a new battery with the same parameters as the old one to ensure the vehicle operates well in all different weather conditions, especially cold weather.
  • Vehicle starting parameters: When buying a battery, you also need to see if the battery has enough energy to start the engine. If the car has been used for a long time, you should consider choosing a battery with a capacity larger than the standard level of about 10Ah to make it easier to start the engine in cold weather. Normally, with a Vios car with a battery capacity of 50Ah, buying a new 60Ah battery will have 680A as the starting current that the battery will reach in 30 seconds before the voltage drops to 7.2V.
  • Choose a reputable brand: When choosing to buy car batteries, you should choose products from long-standing reputable brands. Because, batteries from reputable brands will ensure technical specifications, stability and durability compared to less reputable brands. Besides some foreign brands such as Rocket, Varta, Atlas, Amaron…, Vietnam’s Dong Nai battery is also a quite popular brand.
  • Buy and replace car batteries at reputable stores and garages: Like car tires, batteries are also one of the important parts, directly affecting driving safety. Currently, due to increased market demand, it is easy to buy fake, counterfeit, and poor quality goods. To avoid this risk, you should go to reputable addresses to buy genuine products and get advice on choosing the most suitable battery for your car.

By understanding the advantages and disadvantages of different types of batteries as well as things to note when choosing to buy, hopefully you already know which type of car battery is best for you. Hope you choose quality products to accompany you on every journey!

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