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Is your battery having problems? Do you want to choose a battery for your “box” that is durable, lasts a long time, and is cheap? Please refer to our article below to choose a suitable car battery for yourself!

Cheap, durable, highest quality batteries

Dong Nai N100 battery (12V – 100Ah) – Reference price 2,100,000 VND

N100 is a battery manufactured based on European technology using machinery and equipment systems originating from the world’s leading advanced countries, meeting international standards.

Dong Nai N100 battery is a liquid acid battery with an acid capacity of 7.2 liters, capacity 100Ah, weight only 17.13kg.

The product possesses high durability, good quality and a price suitable for the user’s budget. This is the top choice for passenger cars, tourist cars, family cars…

Dong Nai N100 battery

Dong Nai N85 battery (12V – 85Ah) – Reference price 1,700,000 VND

Dong Nai N85 is a battery line manufactured using European technology, with a voltage of 12V, a capacity of 85Ah, suitable for all needs of small trucks, family cars and boats.

Dong Nai N85 battery is a traditional water battery, receiving the trust of many major car manufacturers.

The acid tank capacity of the battery is 5.3 liters, the plastic tank shell is absolutely resistant to acid leakage, has a long life, and stable quality.

This battery line is a great assistant to help vehicles maintain stability on all roads, including bad roads.

Dong Nai battery N85

Dong Nai battery N150S (12V – 135Ah) – Reference price 2,800,000 VND

Dong Nai N150S battery is a type of water battery, with a simple design so maintenance is quite easy.

Dong Nai N150S is manufactured using European technology, has a capacity of 135Ah, often used for cars and boats.

This type of battery has the advantage of low water loss, high durability, strong capacity, helping the engine operate stably.

The tank shell is designed to be very sturdy, prevent leakage and loss of electricity, and is safe for all vehicles and users.

The product has an affordable price and is a familiar companion of many brands of trucks, tractors, passenger cars…

Dong Nai battery N150S

GS NS40 R/L car battery (12V – 32Ah) – Reference price 2,500,000 VND

GS NS40 R/L car battery is a traditional water battery, manufactured in Vietnam using Japanese technology.

GS NS40 R/L has good quality, high durability, suitable for all small capacity cars.

The product has a small pile head, reverse arrangement, capacity of 32Ah and acid volume of 2.4 liters, ensuring stability and helping vehicle engines operate smoothly.

GS NS40 R/L car battery

Rocket NX100-S6S/L small pile car battery (12V – 45Ah) – Reference price 3,100,000 VND

Rocket NX100-S6S/L is a specialized battery line, suitable for many family cars. This battery has a small, inverted terminal and a capacity of 45Ah.

Rocket NX100-S6S/L small pile car battery is a dry, airtight battery that has been filled with solution and pre-charged so it can be used immediately without needing maintenance during the operating period.

The product has a compact size, is completely sealed, does not leak acid and limits rust and terminal rust, safe for vehicles and users.

Rocket NX100-S6S/L car battery

Above are the top cheap car batteries that many people trust to use for cars. Hopefully the above information will help readers better understand batteries and make the best purchasing choice. Thank you for your interest!

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