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Kyle Conner, the proprietor of the Out of Spec Reviews channel, embraced an intriguing task of charging his Tesla Model 3 Performance vehicle during freezing conditions in Colorado.

To be more precise, Kyle Conner left his 2019 Tesla Model 3 Performance at a Supercharger station in Colorado during a snowstorm when the weather was extremely chilly.

Charge the battery in cold weather

Conner conducted an experiment to observe the reaction of the car when charging at -25 degrees Celsius without preheating the battery. This is a crucial test that all EV owners should undertake, as they may encounter situations like long road trips or the need to recharge at outdoor Supercharger stations.

Conner’s YouTube video reveals that the Model 3 Performance started charging after being plugged in for 45 minutes.

Here is a link to a YouTube video:

The Supercharger station first uses the electric current to warm up the battery to the required temperature and then proceeds to charge it. It takes an extra 45 minutes to charge the car from 35% to 90%.

According to Conner’s findings, it is highly advisable to preheat the battery before taking the car to Supercharger stations in cold weather.

In order to maintain optimal performance over time, Tesla advises users to refrain from leaving the Model 3 in ambient temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius or falling below -30 degrees Celsius for longer than 24 hours. Tesla recommends keeping the car connected to a charger whenever feasible and ensuring the charge level remains above 20% when not plugged in. This will assist in minimizing the effects of cold weather on the vehicle’s functionality.