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Are electric car batteries reliable and long-lasting? Potential electric car users often inquire about the durability and lifespan of an electric car battery before making their decision.

Electric car battery

A survey conducted by consumer review magazine Which in 2020 revealed that concerns about the rapid degradation of electric car batteries are unfounded. The survey, which involved 1,016 electric vehicle (EV) users, found that the battery capacity of EVs that have been in use for approximately 3 years only decreased by a slight 2% compared to when they were newly purchased. Furthermore, even 6-year-old electric cars experience a maximum reduction of only 8% in their battery capacity.

In conclusion, an electric vehicle (EV) that has been running for 3 years can still travel a distance of 390km when fully charged, which is a decrease of 5km compared to its initial range of 395km. After 6 years of operation, the EV’s range further decreases to 363.5km, a total decrease of 31.5km.

The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that under typical weather conditions, electric vehicle batteries can function for approximately 12 to 15 years.

According to JB Straubel, one of the co-founders and former CTO of Tesla, the lifespan of electric vehicle (EV) batteries will be on par with the overall lifespan of the vehicle itself. He suggests that EV batteries can potentially last for up to 15 years, depending on the specific requirements and expectations individuals have for their cars.

The duration of the manufacturer’s warranty is a significant indicator that enables us to gauge the battery life of an electric car. Manufacturers typically calculate their warranty policies based on either time or the number of kilometers driven. Additionally, companies frequently guarantee that the car batteries will retain at least 70% of their original capacity until the expiration of the warranty.

Companies such as Tesla, BMW, Nissan, and Volkswagen provide warranties for their electric vehicles that last either 8 years or up to 160,000km, depending on which comes first. Kia offers a limited warranty period of 7 years, while Hyundai extends theirs to 200,000km. In a remarkable move, VinFast goes even further by setting the vehicle warranty limit to an impressive 10 years. Additionally, they guarantee a complete battery replacement if the reception capacity drops below 70% (battery bottle).

Are electric car batteries durable?

Based on data obtained from previous EV models and manufacturer information, it can be observed that the typical battery lifespan of an electric vehicle is approximately 10 years. Notably, this duration aligns closely with the average lifespan of the vehicle as a whole.

However, in order to obtain a definitive answer to the question “how long is the lifespan of a car battery,” we must wait until electric vehicles (EVs) become more commonly accessible and allow sufficient time for their batteries to experience normal wear and degradation.