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Car registration involves specialized agencies inspecting the quality of a vehicle to ensure it meets safety, quality, and environmental standards.

Cars that successfully pass inspection will receive a vehicle registration stamp, which will be attached directly onto the upper windshield of the vehicle.

If the vehicle fails to meet the requirements, the vehicle owner must make the necessary repairs until it complies with the requirements.

Car registration

Which car requires registration?

Every car is required to be registered, which includes:

  • New car after license plate.
  • Used vehicles (re-registered after a period of use) to check performance, safety…
  • The vehicle has structural changes.

Which documents are required for car registration?

– Vehicle registration application or confirmation letter (revised)

Collection of chassis and engine serial numbers

Certified photocopy of the factory’s quality inspection certificate.

Subject: Registration of Passenger Transport Vehicle with the Transport Unit

Dear [Transport Unit],

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to formally register a passenger transport vehicle under my ownership with your esteemed organization.

I understand the importance of adhering to the necessary regulations and protocols when it comes to providing safe and reliable transportation services for passengers. With this in mind, I am dedicated to complying with all the requirements set by the Transport Unit to ensure the smooth operation of my vehicle.

To facilitate the registration process, I have enclosed all the necessary documents for your perusal. These include:

1. Vehicle Registration Papers: I have included the original vehicle registration papers which clearly state my ownership of the vehicle.

2. Insurance Certificate: I have attached a copy of my comprehensive insurance certificate, which guarantees coverage for any unexpected incidents that may occur during the transportation of passengers.

3. Driver’s License: As a responsible vehicle owner, I possess a valid driver’s license that allows me to operate the passenger transport vehicle without any legal complications.

4. Vehicle Inspection Reports: I have undergone the necessary vehicle inspection processes to ensure my vehicle meets the required safety standards. I have provided the relevant inspection reports as proof of compliance.

5. Identification Documents: To establish my identity, I have included copies of my identification documents along with this letter.

I kindly request the Transport Unit to review the enclosed documents and provide me with any additional forms or procedures necessary to complete the registration process. I am open to any suggestions or recommendations from your esteemed organization to further enhance the safety and quality of my transportation services.

In case I have missed any required documents or if there are any additional prerequisites, please do not hesitate to inform me. I am committed to fulfilling all requirements in order to obtain the necessary authorization for my passenger transport vehicle.

I express my sincere gratitude for your attention to this matter and willingness to assist me in registering my vehicle. I look forward to your prompt response and guidance regarding the next steps in this process.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I remain at your disposal for any further information or clarification you may require.

Yours faithfully,

[Your Name]
[Vehicle Owner]
[Contact Information]

– Civil liability insurance

Additional requirements are necessary for imported vehicles, including a Declaration of Origin for imported automobiles and a Certificate of Quality, Technical Safety, and Environmental Protection for imported motor vehicles.

Additional documentation is necessary for old vehicles, including the old registration number.

The fee required for registering each kind of vehicle.

The calculation for the inspection fee that must be paid is determined by the following formula:

= Fee for the inspection of motor vehicles for technical safety and environmental protection while in circulation, in addition to the fee for issuing the corresponding certificates for technical safety and environmental protection.

The following is a breakdown of the registration fees for each category of vehicle.

No Transportation Motor vehicle inspection fee Certification fee Total amount
first Trucks, car fleets (tractors + semi-trailers), with a tonnage of over 20 tons and specialized cars 570,000 40,000 610,000
2 Trucks, car groups (tractor cars + semi-trailers), with a tonnage of over 7 tons to 20 tons and all types of tractors 360,000 40,000 400,000
3 Trucks have a tonnage of over 2 tons to 7 tons 330,000 40,000 370,000
4 Trucks have a tonnage of up to 2 tons 290,000 40,000 330,000
5 Lotus tractors, agricultural machines and similar types of transport 190,000 40,000 230,000
6 Trailers and semi-trailers 190,000 40,000 230,000
7 Passenger cars with over 40 seats (including driver), buses 360,000 40,000 400,000
8 Passenger cars from 25 to 40 seats (including driver) 330,000 40,000 370,000
9 Passenger cars from 10 to 24 seats (including driver) 290,000 40,000 330,000
ten Cars with less than 10 seats 250,000 90,000 340,000
11 Ambulance car 250,000 40,000 290,000

Car registration period

The registration period for each car varies based on its vehicle type and age.

The time period for car registration, also referred to as the car registration cycle, varies depending on the type of vehicle.

Car registration period

Exercise caution when you register your vehicle.

It is important to clean and sanitize new cars.

Old cars need:

  • Clean the front and rear license plates, engine and chassis numbers, and check carefully to see if the numbers are blurred.
  • Open the cabin to check and then replace or add more engine coolant, glass washer fluid, brake fluid, vehicle power steering oil, etc.
  • Check windshield wipers and sprinklers, interior and exterior.
  • Check the wheel, use a tire pressure gauge to align and create the appropriate tire pressure level.

I hope that the article above assists you in gaining a clear understanding of the procedure, cost, and timeline pertaining to car registration. This information should help ensure a smooth and hassle-free registration process for you.