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Toyota has just unveiled its latest breakthrough in battery technology: solid-state batteries. These cutting-edge batteries offer a remarkable charging time of only 10 minutes, while providing an impressive range of approximately 1,200 kilometers on a single charge.

Solid-state battery technology operates differently from modern battery technology as it utilizes a solid electrolyte rather than a liquid one. Many companies are actively exploring the potential of solid-state batteries due to their inherent benefits. These batteries are less prone to overheating or causing fires, making them safer. Additionally, they exhibit superior fast charging capabilities compared to the existing battery technology.

The concept car uses Toyota's solid-state battery.
The concept car uses Toyota’s solid-state battery.

Solid-state batteries possess a greater energy density in comparison to batteries employing liquid electrolytes like lithium-ion battery technology. Consequently, a solid-state battery, despite having the same capacity, weighs less than a liquid electrolyte battery. As a result, solid-state batteries are particularly well-suited for performance-oriented car models such as sports cars and supercars.

Toyota has announced a significant advancement in technology, claiming to have developed solid-state batteries that are suitable for use in automotive technology. The company plans to initially incorporate this groundbreaking battery technology into their hybrid electric car models, followed by pure electric vehicles. The aim is to enhance the overall driving range of the cars, while also reducing production costs and improving safety.

Toyota, along with its competitors Volkswagen and Nissan, anticipates significant commercial production of solid-state batteries in the near future. With a goal of commercializing this technology by 2027 or 2028, Toyota is actively working towards making it a reality. Similarly, its rival car manufacturers, Volkswagen and Nissan, are also investing in the development of solid-state batteries.

Toyota's experimental solid-state battery.
Toyota’s experimental solid-state battery.

According to Toyota’s estimation, a fully electric vehicle equipped with its solid-state battery technology has the capacity to travel approximately 1,200 kilometers on a single charge.

Toyota is currently working on a rapid charging solution that utilizes direct current (DC) power. This cutting-edge technology will allow their batteries to charge from 10% to 80% in under 10 minutes. Compared to existing fast charging methods, Toyota’s breakthrough is twice as speedy and considerably more efficient.

Toyota plans to pursue advancements in current battery technology while simultaneously exploring solid-state battery technology. The company is aiming to introduce a new model by 2026, capable of covering a distance of up to 1000km on a single charge.