tesla 700

An inventive Tesla owner’s solution to bypass the inconvenience of waiting for the car to recharge during a mid-journey power depletion has generated an uproar within the online community.

When a passerby witnessed a Tesla owner purchasing gasoline to “recharge” their electric car, their curiosity prompted them to ask a question. The surprising response they received left the passerby astonished.

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Here is the YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iPMEnmcq0xk.

When questioned about the purpose of the trunk, the car owner astonished everyone by revealing a Honda generator inside. This serves as their contingency plan in case their electric car depletes its energy while on the road and there is not enough time to reach the nearest charging station.

The car owner additionally mentioned that he had sufficient gasoline to sustain the generator’s operation until the car could reach the next gas station, rather than a charging station.

The moment the video was shared, it caught the attention of the online community. A lot of people couldn’t suppress their laughter due to the car owner’s peculiar mindset. Additionally, no one is left wondering about the rationale behind the Tesla owner’s choice in purchasing this particular vehicle.

Many Americans opt for purchasing Tesla electric cars solely due to brand and image considerations, rather than the practical advantages they offer. At a certain point in time, Tesla emerged as a technological icon within the American automotive industry, akin to Apple’s current status. Consequently, numerous individuals were drawn to buying electric cars, just as people do with Apple products. As a result, it is not uncommon to witness customers who are accustomed to using gasoline cars transitioning to electric vehicles, as demonstrated in the video.