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The “American Dream” limo holds the title for the world’s longest car, measuring a whopping 100 feet 1.5 inches (or 30.54 meters) in length. This makes it approximately 7-8 times longer than your average car.

“The American Dream” limo is 100 feet 1.5 inches (30.54 meters) long.

This vehicle boasts an impressive 26 wheels, allowing for exceptional stability. It has the unique ability to be operated from either side, adding convenience and flexibility. With a seating capacity for over 75 individuals, it is designed to accommodate a large number of people comfortably.

Beyond its practical features, this remarkable car is equipped with an array of amazing additions. You’ll find a luxurious jacuzzi that allows for relaxation and indulgence on the go. Additionally, a mini golf course has been ingeniously integrated, providing entertainment for passengers during their journey.

As if that wasn’t enough, this extraordinary car even includes a helicopter landing pad, making it possible to easily access or disembark from a helicopter if needed. With its multitude of cool features, this vehicle offers an unparalleled experience like no other.

The renowned car tuner Jay Ohrberg constructed the inaugural American Dream in 1986. The car initially measured approximately 18.28 meters in length and featured V8 engines both at the front and rear ends.

After customizing the car, Ohrberg extended its length to 100 feet (30.48 meters). Initially, the car was constructed in two sections and connected by a hinge to maneuver through narrow corners more easily. The American Dream saw frequent use in various events, but eventually, it ended up being stored in a warehouse in New Jersey for an extended period of time.

Michael Dezer, the present proprietor, invested an unspecified sum to acquire, refurbish, and implement certain alterations on the car. By the end of three years, the vehicle underwent an extension of 1.5 inches, incurring charges exceeding $250,000 for transportation, materials, and workmanship.

This limousine set a new Guinness World Record on March 1, 2022, surpassing its previous achievement.

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According to Manning, this car was specifically designed for exhibition purposes due to its immense length, making it impractical for regular road use. At present, the world’s longest car is being showcased at the Dezerland Park Orlando Automobile Museum in Orlando, Florida.