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The video showcased above depicts the intricate process of repairing a massive tractor tire. This endeavor involves numerous steps, requiring an increased amount of effort and time compared to the repair of a typical car tire.

Similar to car tires, large truck tires can also be patched and reused when punctured. Considering their significant size, it is expected that the tires used for large trucks will be considerably large as well. Consequently, if you encounter a tire issue like a puncture, the repair process becomes more intricate and typically involves numerous steps, potentially reaching up to several dozen.

Patch truck tires

In accordance with US standards, a tire must undergo an internal inspection during the patching process, which requires its removal from the rim. The damaged section will be carefully prepared, filled with rubber, and subsequently sealed with a patch.

To qualify for repair, tire punctures must not exceed a maximum size of 6.3 mm. Any punctures exceeding this size or located on the sidewall of the tire cannot be repaired, resulting in the tire being discarded and replaced with a new one. Once patched, truck tires will continue to be used normally until either the expiration date is reached or the damage becomes too severe to be repaired.

Truck tires are patchable several times, as long as the patches are evenly spaced.

By adhering to standard repair or patching procedures for tires, a substantial amount of money can be saved.

Typically, fixing a spot on a car tire costs around $10-40, depending on the situation. However, when it comes to large tractor tires, the expense will be significantly higher. Nevertheless, it remains a much more cost-effective option compared to purchasing a brand new tire.