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Chongqing, China has recently witnessed the launch of the world’s inaugural detachable flying car model. This groundbreaking vehicle is capable of seamlessly transitioning between modes of flight and ground travel, offering unparalleled flexibility.

This product has been developed by a research team led by Xiang Changle, who is a lecturer at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

The 2-seater flying car model is composed of three separate components: an autonomous aircraft that can perform vertical takeoff and landing, a smart cockpit, and a self-propelled chassis. During operation, these three components will automatically connect and secure themselves together in the correct manner.

The flying car utilizes advanced positioning and assembly technology for its components, enabling the driver to effortlessly transition between flight mode in the air and driving mode on the ground through the intelligent cockpit.

Detachable flying car

The flying vehicle is equipped with a smart control chamber that allows it to take off and land vertically. In flight mode, the vehicle has a maximum load capacity of 500 kg and a speed limit of 80 km/h.

The early stages of development for the detachable flying car project are still underway, and it is scheduled to undergo road and air tests in Chongqing very soon.

This isn’t the initial flying car model produced in China. XPeng, another Chinese car manufacturer, had earlier unveiled an electric flying car prototype that weighs 2 tons but is still capable of vertical takeoff and landing.