xe may 200

The video showcasing a motorcycle with four wheels, yet defying gravity by riding on only two wheels, caught the interest of the online community when shared on Instagram. This distinct concept quickly gained attention due to its uniqueness.

The Pulsar 150 in the video has undergone some modifications. What stands out and captivates the online community is the incredibly unique addition of two wheels.

It is not uncommon to see motorbikes with added wheels. However, the typical approach involves adding two additional wheels on either side of the rear wheel, similar to the setup commonly found in children’s bicycles. This additional support aids in maintaining balance and reduces the fear of falling.

However, the Pulsar 150 owner in the video showcases a rather unconventional method of wheel customization. They have opted to install an additional set of wheels underneath the existing set, with one wheel positioned on top of the other. These two wheels are further connected to each other via a metal bar.

After witnessing the video showcasing the creation of this extraordinary motorbike, numerous netizens expressed their amusement through witty remarks.

  • 4×4 motorbike.
  • He must have climbed a tree to get into this car.
  • How to get on and off the bus?
  • How do you stop while driving?
  • It’s also useful during the stormy season, preventing the engine from stalling when passing through flooded roads.

A comprehensive video uploaded on YouTube unveiled that he was able to climb into the car with the assistance of two supportive friends.

Nevertheless, there are individuals who express apprehensions regarding the safety and convenience of this personalized motorcycle. Their concerns revolve around the fact that it lacks a stand of sufficient length to accommodate the increased “ground clearance”. Furthermore, given its current stature, individuals may not be able to utilize the stand in a manner similar to that of a car.