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A groundbreaking touchless touchscreen has been unveiled by engineers from Cambridge University and Jaguar Land Rover. This innovative screen utilizes AI technology to anticipate the user’s intended touch location even before their finger makes contact with the surface.

This specific touch screen was designed specifically for car use. It utilizes different sensors to accurately identify the user’s intentions. As a result, users have the ability to select their desired options even in situations where the vehicle is experiencing bumps or vibrations.

Please watch the video at this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODFxKRNB55E

According to Cambridge University, an increasing number of car models are incorporating sensor screen technology for controlling entertainment features, navigation, and climate control. However, the issue arises when users mistakenly press the wrong areas on the screen due to the presence of bumps and vibrations in the car. As a result, they are forced to make another selection, leading to distractions and an elevated risk of accidents.

By employing advanced predictive sensing technology, lab tests, simulations, and live road tests have demonstrated a remarkable reduction of 50% in the time and user operations required to control the system. The impressive accuracy achieved by this technology enables the prediction of the user’s intended click location.

Non-touch touch screens will soon be introduced by Jaguar Land Rover to its car models
Non-touch touch screens will soon be introduced by Jaguar Land Rover to its car models

The timing of this incredible technology couldn’t be more opportune. With the widespread use of touch screen devices, the risk of dangerous viruses like COVID-19 can be significantly minimized if we eliminate the need for direct screen contact.

Jaguar Land Rover announced that their car models will soon be equipped with the new screen technology.

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