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The Flluid-2 and Flluid-3 electric scooters from FUELL are presented as a significant stride in the direction of fully replacing cars with electric bicycles.

Electric bicycle

FUELL’s latest e-bike models utilize aluminum frames and showcase a sleek design, complete with front and rear fenders, LED lights, and a streamlined instrument cluster.

Fluid-2 has the advantage of being equipped with two detachable batteries, which collectively offer 2 kWh of power. This impressive energy capacity allows Fluid-2 to travel up to 350km on just one chargeā€”a distance that surpasses that of certain electric car models. On the other hand, Fluid-3 utilizes a smaller 1kWh battery pack but can still cover a respectable distance of 180km on a single charge.

Both electric vehicle models are equipped with Valeo engines

Both electric car models come with a Valeo engine that generates 1 horsepower and 130Nm of torque, enabling a top speed of 32km/h. The car is equipped with an automatic transmission but can also be manually shifted if desired. Furthermore, FUELL enhances its electric vehicles by incorporating “smart algorithms” that optimize the steering system, rotation frequency, and speed, ensuring an exceptional driving experience for users.

The vehicle utilizes hydraulic disc brakes and a Gates Carbon belt drive, replacing conventional chains. Moreover, the car is equipped with smartphone connectivity features, enabling notifications about the vehicle’s whereabouts, alerts for any “unusual movements,” and the ability to lock or unlock the vehicle for the owner.

These electric bicycles are quite expensive, comparable to the cost of a top-tier Vespa model in Vietnam. To be specific, the Flluid-3 starts at $5,495 (equivalent to 129 million VND) and the Flluid-2 starts at $5,995 (around 141 million VND). However, if you order them through IndieGogo, you can avail of special prices of just $3,849 (over 90 million VND) for the Flluid-3 and $4,199 (approximately 98.5 million VND) for the Flluid-2.