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Despite its worn-out and rusty exterior, the motorbike’s value is astonishing. It is worth a staggering 1 million USD, which is equivalent to 23 billion VND. This makes it one of the priciest motorcycle models in existence.

The motorbike has an old appearance and is even rusted like a pile of scrap and broken iron

Tarhan Telli, a lover of motorcycles from Turkey, is the proud owner of this luxurious bike. Despite its aged appearance, he claims that the entire frame is actually made of gold. Furthermore, the chassis is intricately engraved with legendary cultural symbols, adding to its allure.

The large fuel tank is sculpted in the shape of the monster Medusa

The fuel tank of the car is designed in the likeness of Medusa, a menacing creature from Greek mythology known for the power to petrify others and depicted as a woman with serpents as her hair. Additionally, a snake is intricately engraved on the back of the vehicle.

In an attempt to diminish its shine, the car’s owner made the decision to paint it in shades of brown and gray, giving it an appearance that seemed remarkably antiquated. From the very first glimpse, it resembled nothing more than a heap of discarded metal.

The vehicle is equipped with a powerful RevTech V-twin engine

The automobile is fitted with a robust RevTech V-twin engine that has a capacity of 1801cc, providing a maximum power output of 125 horsepower. Additionally, it comes with a 6-speed manual transmission. The weight of the vehicle is 317 kg.

Mr. Telli refrained from disclosing the car’s price; however, automotive experts estimated that with its entire frame crafted from pure gold, this particular car model exceeds a value of 1 million USD (equivalent to more than 23 billion VND).