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Sergii Gordieiev, an engineer from Ukraine and the proprietor of the popular YouTube channel “The Q”, has developed a groundbreaking bicycle concept devoid of conventional wheels. Instead, he has ingeniously incorporated a chain mechanism reminiscent of that found in tanks, enabling the bicycle to attain motion.

The bike’s distinctive propulsion system comprises of an inclined drive belt and a streamlined chain loop. When the rider applies pressure to the pedal, the chain engages, propelling the bike forward and enabling it to move in a manner comparable to a standard bicycle.

Bicycle without wheels

Gordieiev created a bicycle without wheels by using a frame and attaching gears and chain rings to a long metal structure. He also added tire covers to create tracks resembling those of a tank. Gordieiev connected the pedals to the top of the rear axle by using additional chains attached to the chassis, effectively combining the pedals with the sprocket. To ensure proper maneuverability, he fixed the front and rear axles at two points, maintaining a sharp angle when driving.

Gordieiev successfully tested his unique bicycle without wheels that he had created. However, he soon discovered some issues while driving, primarily stemming from design errors. Furthermore, the vehicle proved to be challenging to maneuver on rough terrains or when encountering common obstacles like potholes or road ruts.

Gordieiev made it clear that the bike and tank combination model is merely intended as a fun project. Prior to the development of wheelless bicycles, this engineer also created designs for bicycles with square wheels and triangle wheels.