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A car tire can burst as a result of various factors such as excessive inflation, prolonged driving at high pressure, contact with a sharp object on the road, or worn-out tires.

A truck tire explosion has multiple dangerous consequences. Not only does it startle the driver and result in the vehicle losing control, but it also poses a threat to other traffic participants in close proximity. This danger arises from the fact that the air contained within truck tires acts as a compressor. Therefore, when a tire explodes, the air is released with force, similar to a bomb detonation. Additionally, the impact of the tire and rim components can be so powerful that individuals standing nearby may be torn apart.

Please find below some test videos that demonstrate the severe danger associated with truck tire explosions.

The initial footage captures the moment when a truck tire detonates within a sturdy iron enclosure. The immense pressure forces the wheel to forcefully collide with the sides of the cage, resulting in significant deformation.

If individuals are positioned in close proximity and are impacted, the consequences depicted in the following video will be extremely grave due to the immense destructive capacity.

In the upcoming video, we will conduct tests using mannequins. Even though the truck tire was secured within a protective cage, the powerful force of the air still propelled the mannequin away, resembling the movement of a ball. However, when there is no protective cage in place, the mannequin will essentially “break” and be sent flying.

Exploding truck tires pose a significant danger. Hence, it is crucial to exercise caution and maintain distance from trucks while navigating traffic. To ensure safety, truck drivers should also regularly inspect their tires for any abnormalities that could potentially compromise safety.