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Scania and Northvolt, two environmentally-friendly technology firms, have partnered to collaboratively create a high-capacity battery pack for heavy-duty electric vehicles capable of providing power for over 1.5 million kilometers.

The carbon footprint of the new lithium-ion battery is just one-third of other comparable products. This is because it is manufactured in northern Sweden using hydroelectric and wind power. Moreover, the battery pack emits significantly lower levels of greenhouse gases compared to the industry standards.

The battery pack jointly developed by Scania and Northvolt has a long life.  Photo: Scania.
The battery pack jointly developed by Scania and Northvolt has a long life. Photo: Scania.

The battery pack consists of a slender rectangular battery cell with a capacity of 157 ampere-hours and a nominal voltage of 3.6 volts.

After conducting extensive testing, both companies have verified that their latest lithium-ion battery can endure over 1.5 million kilometers when utilized in heavy-duty electric vehicles. This remarkable lifespan positions it as one of the most resilient batteries available in the industry. In contrast, typical electric vehicle batteries usually have an average lifespan of around 8 years or 100,000 miles (roughly 160,000 km), depending on the manufacturer and environmental factors.

Starting in 2017, Scania and Northvolt joined forces to work together on the development and commercialization of batteries specifically designed for heavy-duty commercial electric vehicles. The collaboration has proved to be successful, surpassing initial expectations in terms of performance improvements. Presently, the manufacturing of this substantial battery pack takes place at Northvolt’s Ett facility located in the northern region of Sweden.

In the coming months, Scania is set to inaugurate a brand-new battery factory in Södertälje. Following its establishment, the entire battery pack will be seamlessly integrated into the trucks.

Scania also has plans to electrify its trucks in order to move towards sustainable transportation.