lop xe reCharge 640

Goodyear, one of the world’s largest tire companies, recently invented a new self-regenerating tire with artificial intelligence features that allow the tire surface to change appropriately depending on the terrain and conditions. weather.

This special tire, called reCharge, is a concept tire, produced to provide users with sustainable solutions during travel and meet the world’s trend of gradually shifting to electric cars. gender.

New tires can regenerate themselves

reCharge is designed with three main ideas: simplicity of use, personalization and sustainability. With the help of artificial intelligence, reCharge can change depending on the terrain from highways to bumpy mountain roads, climate, and each driver’s needs.

The center of the tire contains capsules with a “refillable and biodegradable” surface. When necessary, the tire surface will unfold from inside the tire.

The tire surface is designed with the idea of ​​spider silk. Therefore, although reCharge tires are very sturdy, they are still lightweight and biodegradable.

Inside the capsules are liquid that is responsible for “recharging” the tire surface.

Goodyear affirms that, when using reCharge tires, users will not have to worry about checking the hardness of the tire.

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