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Starting from June 1, newly issued driver’s licenses now come with double-sided QR codes in order to enhance security measures and facilitate swift access to driver information. This new feature enables traffic police officers to efficiently verify driver credentials using smartphones while on the road.

The updated driver’s license is equipped with a range of security measures. It incorporates IPI technology to encrypt concealed details within the photo, ensuring utmost protection. Moreover, to hinder counterfeiting, alteration, or tampering, the driver’s photograph is directly printed onto the license.

The driver’s license includes additional security features such as anti-counterfeit stamps, security patterns, a stamp from the approver, and a digital signature.

Starting from June 1, 2020, newly issued driving licenses will have a unique feature. They will be imprinted with QR codes utilizing advanced Japanese technology. This innovative addition will enable management agencies and road control forces to efficiently identify any illegal driving licenses. The QR codes will be valid and connected to the database of the Directorate for Roads of Vietnam, ensuring easy access to crucial information stored in the driver’s license. This includes details such as the driver’s name, duration of study, training institution, and records of any vehicle-related violations committed by the driver.

The new driver's license has a QR code printed in the left corner.
The new driver’s license has a QR code printed in the left corner.

As per the leader of the Vietnam Road Administration, old driving licenses still hold their worth, giving individuals the option to either renew or retain the same license based on their requirements.

In the past, driver’s licenses were manufactured using cardboard or PET cards, which had outdated security technology and required manual management.

The nationwide unified driver’s license management database has been successfully developed, providing management agencies with a convenient tool to review driver information. This system effectively prevents drivers from obtaining fake reports despite having their licenses revoked. Additionally, the process of reissuing or illegally using multiple driver’s licenses concurrently is now time-consuming. Traffic police forces and businesses can easily update, utilize, and monitor driver violations whenever necessary.

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