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Chinese company CATL made an announcement on June 23 that it is initiating the production of a highly energy-efficient third generation battery.

CATL’s latest battery line, dubbed Qilin (Unicorn), is set to revolutionize the industry with its impressive specifications. With an energy density of up to 255 Wh/kg and a remarkable mass efficiency of 72%, Qilin batteries will enable vehicles to achieve an extraordinary operating range. In fact, these batteries will empower vehicles to travel up to 1,000 km on a single charge, surpassing previous records.

Despite having the same chemistry and package size, Qilin batteries outperform Panasonic’s 4680 batteries by delivering 13% more power.

The battery incorporates a multifunctional elastic interlayer with an integrated liquid cooling pad and heatsink. Additionally, micrometer-sized bridges are strategically placed within the interlayer. These features enable dynamic adjustments within the battery cell, ultimately enhancing the reliability of the battery throughout its entire lifespan.

The integrated power unit within the battery improves the stability of its load-bearing structure, thereby increasing the battery pack’s resistance to shock and vibration.

The Qilin battery’s diverse elements, comprising structural protection, high voltage connection, and strategically placed heat vents, contribute to a 6% enhancement in battery capacity.

By incorporating a liquid cooling element between neighboring cells and employing advanced surface cell cooling technology, the battery’s heat transfer area experiences a fourfold increase. This leads to a reduction in thermal control time by half. Moreover, these enhancements enable the battery to support hot starting within a span of 5 minutes and facilitate rapid charging in just 10 minutes.

The latest battery technology ensures both thermal stability and safety across all chemical systems. As a result, it can now be used with materials that possess higher energy densities without any compatibility issues.

Qilin batteries are anticipated to commence mass production and become available for sale by 2023.

CATL stressed their commitment to prioritizing technological innovation for the advancement of electric vehicles, rather than fossil fuels, as a means to drive development in the industry.