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Zephatiali Walsh, an accomplished pilot, emerged victorious in the world’s inaugural flying car race held in South Australia.

Pilots participating in this race will pilot remote-controlled flying cars through the pink salt fields located in South Australia. The race will take place on a specially designed one-kilometer racetrack, and the pilots will be aided by virtual reality technology.

Zephatiali Walsh and Fabio Tishcler are the two pilots competing in the world’s inaugural flying car race.

Walsh emerged victorious by crossing the finish line in under 40 seconds, following an intense race on a track filled with numerous sharp corners and countless risky overtaking maneuvers.

The race involves two eVTOL flying cars from Airspeeder – Alauda Racing. These cars are over 4.1 meters long and can reach speeds of approximately 100 km/h. They are equipped with four rotors and run solely on electricity.

The inaugural flying car race in this world is currently conducted using remote control technology, but the organizers have set their sights on conducting manned flights by the year 2023.

In the past, drivers in South Australia used to engage in flying car races, but those races took place on a straight road rather than on a track with numerous zigzag turns like the one depicted above.

Alauda Aeronautics envisions their future vehicle as an exhilarating and innovative addition to the world of speed sports, potentially rivaling Formula 1 racing. Furthermore, they believe that this vehicle could bring about a transportation revolution.

Matt Pearson, the creator of the Airspeeder racing series, emphasized that the inaugural race signifies the introduction of the most cutting-edge, innovative, and thrilling motorsport on the planet.